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Adelaide Solar Panel Cleaning specialists Adelaide, South Australia

Australian Solar Care specialises in solar panel cleaning and maintenance services as an independently owned and operated business.

We pride themselves on providing a friendly, professional service to help you maintain your solar panel system.


  •  We provide professional domestic and commercial solar panel cleaning and maintenance services.


  • We provide solar panel cleaning services across Adelaide metropolitan area and Regional South Australia, as well as Queensland, Western Australia.

  • We use the latest high tech water purification equipment, which means it is safe for your rainwater tank and solar panel system.

  • Our professionals are trained to work safely at heights and follow a Safety Procedure/Work Instruction, are EWP Licenced and insured!

​We not only clean your solar panel system with our specialised equipment, we also prepare an Observation Condition Report with every solar panel cleaning service for your file and warranty protection.  



(Clean, Inspect, Report)

Our *Observation Condition Report includes:

  • Panel Mounts;

  • Frames; 

  • Solar Panels;

  • Shading/Soiling observations;

  • Inverter Output Reading Before and After the solar panel cleaning service.


​*The Observation Condition Report is evidence to your supplier that you are meeting your solar panel maintenance obligations under your contract.

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