'Mother Natures rain is just not enough to clean your dirty solar panels and dirty solar panels are not generating the energy output you may come to expect from your solar panel system'.



  • Historically, many solar panel manufacturers marketed solar panel systems as being self-cleaning, however as research and experience now shows, that although they are low maintenance, solar panels are not self-cleaning.   


  • The accumulation of dirt, dust or soiling on your solar panels affects the solar systems output, reducing your anticipated savings.  See what the manufacturers say - 'Click here'.

  • We can help you maintain your solar panel warranty and achieve greater energy production with our professional solar panel cleaning services for Residential and Commercial premises.


  • Our technicians are fully trained, EWP licenced and insured for your peace of mind.

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It is all part of our Solar Panel Cleaning and maintenance service to provide you with an


with every service to help you maintain your solar panel warranty.

Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaid

Did you know: "Shading or dirt on just one of the cells in a solar panel results in a loss of power from many cells not just the one that is shaded." - Clean Energy Council - Consumer Guide Volume 4: 5 Oct 2010